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Jiah Khan Jealous Of Asin?

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 3, 2008

Nishabd girl Jiah Khan is playing the character that Nayanathara played in Ghazini in the Bollywood remake of Ghazini. Jiah might be new to the industry, but this happening, young actress is capable of standing up for her rights. For instance, she didn’t think twice before revolting against her mentor, Ram Gopal Varma. Her rebellious streak added charm to her personality and won many admirers. The list of admirers included none other than superstar Aamir Khan, who decided to cast her in the remake of Ghajini.

A girl with loads of attitude and a sense of style was exactly what he was looking for. But little did Aamir know that the same attributes of Jiah that had impressed him, would later turn out to be a cause for worry. Apparently Jiah is unhappy that her debutante co-star, Asin has a more prominent role at least in the first schedule of the film. She even complained about this to Aamir. However even though Aamir was tied up, it seems as if a persistent Jiah has made her point; it’s over to Asin now


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Taare Zameen Par -Not a review

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 2, 2008

Let me clear in advance that I am not a critic or an expert to talk about the technicalities of movie making. Hence this is not a review but just my views about the movie.

Dispite the controvorsies revolving his personal life lately, he has managed to promote the movie just on the basis of the movie itself. Unlike other movie stars, I had seen very few hungama for TZP promotions. The caption of the movie is” Every child is special”, am not sure if all are but yes Ishaan Avasti who is played by Darsheel Safary sure is and so is Amir Khan as a debutant director.

The movie is well executed and has the right ingrediants necessary at the right place. Nothing overdone; no excess shots squeezed in to show the struggles of kid with his diability. Infact Ishaan is by far the character who is happier than the other charaters, playing his pranks and living in his la la land of dancing letters and jumping cartoon images. Aamir has been able to show to the audience the vulnerability of kids and that every kid has a pace of their own. In this competivitve age somewhere down the lane todays parents have forgotten that and are in a constant race to see how far better, smarter and fast learner are their kids in comaprison to their peers. TZP has made us take a step back to understand the each kid has to be handelled uniquly. And like the old saying spare the rod and spoil the child funda doesn’t work for every other kid. This movie makes us realise that if your kid is a slow starter that dosnt mean that they are stupid or dumb. Just that they have to be taught in a different way.

As for the music let me quote Joginder Tuteja from

“Aamir Khan, Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy and Prasoon Joshi make a zero compromise album which stays honest to the film’s theme and bring in as much variety as one possibly can in the music for a film belonging to a genre different from regular romance, action or drama. Taare Zameen Par boasts of a soundtrack that stays true to the film’s spirit and promises to thoroughly involve a viewer while the music is on in theater.”


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