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Salmaan khan to be in his father Salim’s shoes

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 5, 2008

We all know Salmaan khan is best Hindi movie star, now he wants to be like his father Salim who had been with Hindi movies through out his life. Salim is a well known figure who had contributed big time to the Indian Cinema. He is known for his classical scripts in Hindi movies. Salim had contributed Indian cinema’s script like Sholay, Don and many more.


 Well this is the first time that the Salmaan wants to be like his father. We all had seen him from his childhood to teenage acting in Hindi movies. He never-ever showed any interest in his father’s job. However truth is somewhat different then what we had thought it would be. Hindi movies wish him best of luck

 Hmm Salmaan wants to be script writer for Hindi movies as just his passion. However there is one difference that he also will be acting in the movie. The first movie script for him is Veer. He will acting in Veer. So let’s see whether Hindi movies script writer will start up or only the best actor of Indian cinema will prevail.


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Sex, Shah Rukh or Story: What makes a movie work?

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 5, 2008

Would Taare Zameen Par have had the same response if it did not have Aamir Khan? Or Chak De have done as well without Shah Rukh Khan? Would Saawariya have worked if it had Hrithik Roshan instead?

The answer to the last question at least is a resounding no, Saawariya was a bad film and even all the Khans put together couldn’t have saved it. Having said that, Khosla Ka Ghosla, Bheja Fry, Metro, Johnny Ghaddar, Gangster… are just some of the movies that had no big star attraction and yet won over the crowds as well as the critics.

Does it mean that Bollywood is slowly getting over its ‘star power’ fixation? That finally content will be the ultimate king and does it mean more good cinema in 2008?

And the nominees are…

The list of nominees for one of the earliest movie awards – Star Screen Awards – is already out. Chosen on the recommendations made my industry insiders, the top contenders are Taare Zameen Par (17 nominations), Metro (15), Guru (14) and Chak De (12)…

In a year that saw many sequels and remakes – Ram Gopal Varma’s Aag and Umrao Jaan being the biggest duds – the viewer appreciated fresh content. With added technical improvements and improved production values, 2007 saw some unlikely movies making it big while run-of-the-mill, big budget flicks brilliantly bombed at the box office.

At the same time, SRK’s stick-to-the-formula Om Shanti Om brought in the customer and the cash as well… So what really is working with the viewer? And again, would a Taare and Chak De have pulled in the people without the star attraction of Aamir and SRK respectively?

“Metro didn’t have any star cast so to speak and has got 15 nominations, that’s three more than Chak De… Even Khosla Ka Ghosla and Bheja Fry, which did not have any star content performed well at the box office. It proves that content is still king in a way,” points out Ram Mirchandani, executive vice president, UTV Motion Pictures, the distributors for all three movies.


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India’s set-top action plan

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 4, 2008

With a population of more than one billion, India is almost a world unto itself. It’s certainly a market unlike any other on the planet, whether a business is trying to sell microchips or mini-vans.

As the country develops, it is tempting to see it becoming like a typical Western nation, full of shopping malls and flyovers, but this simply won’t happen. India is rich with its own cultures and traditions laid down over thousands of years, and most Indians are convinced the country should and will develop its own unique character as it becomes a global economic superpower.

The journey won’t be easy. About 80 per cent of India’s population is poor, living on the equivalent of a few Kiwi dollars a day. A whole set of economic and social structures has emerged to support these people, and this is responsible in large part for India’s unique character.

Indian commerce, for example, is dominated by small shops averaging less than 15 square metres, as well as even smaller street booths. Both sell everything the owners can find a market for, whether it’s food or mobile phones. One booth near Bombay University even sells home loans. Because the shops are everywhere, it’s easy for the city’s poor and middle classes to find cheap products close by. Shopping malls are starting to change this, but most Indians have stuck to their local shops.

India’s great mass of poverty means the country won’t be following the West’s technological path lock-step either. The bulk of its population want cheap solutions to their problems, not expensive Western gadgets.

India is becoming increasingly connected to the Internet, but desktop computers are not playing much of a role, since only the middle and upper classes can afford them. Laptops are common among the educated classes, but mobiles and TVs – both relatively cheap – will form the backbone of India online.

This was brought home recently with news that Microsoft is teaming up with Reliance Communications to launch an IPTV service, which will stream TV, the Web, telephone and other content over the Internet to customers’ homes. The content is not streamed to a PC but to a set-top box.

Mobiles are another cheap substitute for a home PC. India has about 250 million mobile customers and adds about seven million new mobile subscribers a month on its GSM and CDMA networks. The networks are 2.5G but Indians can use them to transfer money between individuals or book air travel. They pay between between 3 and 15 rupees each time they do (roughly NZ10c to 50c).

The cheapest mobiles sell for about NZ$40, though they’re often free with plans, and most Indians pay about 1 rupee (3c) a minute of talk time if they’re calling someone on the same network.

India can offer technology this cheaply because of economies of scale. With so many users, mobile telcos need only to make a small profit off each one to earn huge sums of money.

Original content is not something Western countries usually associate with India, beyond Bollywood movies, which rarely make it to the West anyway. The country has a booming animation market, but it’s mainly animating the creations of companies in other markets at much lower cost. Most cartoons on Indian screens feature Western characters, even if they’re being created down the road.

But this too is starting to change, as a new generation of Indian entrepreneurs emerges keen to tell Indian stories, both to the Indian domestic market and to the world. A recent big hit on India TV screens was the Krishna series of made-for-TV animated movies, based on Hindu myths.

The best- rating movie scored 30 million viewers when it aired, and the cartoons are doing well in Europe too, according to Rajiv Chilakalapudi, founder of Green Gold Animation, which produced the series.

He was enthusiastic about the prospects of India’s creative industries, saying the country had many good tales to tell, including Green Gold’s latest, an all-original effort called Chhota Bheem. “If it’s a strong story it’ll sell,” he said.

With such a huge domestic market, what is a success in India will increasingly influence what succeeds in New Zealand. As the 21st century moves on, it looks to have an increasingly Indian flavour, and it might be only a matter of time before Kiwis are ordering an Indian-made Kingfisher beer along with their takeaway curries.

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Movie named after Bhojpuri actor

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 4, 2008

When God closes one door he opens another. This was what happened to actor Ravi Kishan, who after a string of not-so-successful films in Bollywood, shifted to Bhojpuri films.

This man who did his graduation from Banaras University, has been acting since the age of 12. Today, after 16-17 years, he has a film made in his name Ravi Kishen, which had a bumper opening and is doing well.

About his films and the future in Bhojpuri films, Kishen added, “Life moves on. I came to Mumbai in 1990 to try my luck in Hindi films. I have done movies like Army, which starred Shah Rukh Khan and Sridevi, Kudrat with Urmila Matondkar and Akshay Khanna, Udhar Ki Zindagi with Kajol and Jeetendra, Tere Naam with Salman Khan and Bhumika Chawla and the latest Phir Hera Pheri with Sunil Shetty and Akshay Kumar.

“My Hindi films were not doing well, so I shifted to Bhojpuri films,” he said.

The 35-year-old actor said, he had done five films with Dharmendra and four-five films with Mithun Chakravorty. To sum it all, he has done 25 Hindi films and 20 Bhojpuri films. His persistence paid off and 98 per cent of his Bhojpuri films turned out to be silver and golden hits.

Some of his hits in Bhojpuri films include Saiya Hamar, Ganga Jaisan Mai Hamar, Kab Hoi Gauna Hamar, Kab Hoi Milanva Hamar, Kanyadaan, Raja Bhojpuria, Panditji Bataiye Byah Kab Hoi, Dulha Milan Dildaar, Dulha Aisan Chahi, Mai Baap, Uthai Le Ghoongta Chand Dekh Le and lot more.

Out of all his films, two of them with Nagma had been super hit and nine more are in the release.

His forthcoming projects include Ganga by Deepak Savant, starring Big B, Nagma and Hema Malini, where he is playing as ‘hair dresser’ of Big B. Then, there is a film produced by thespian Dilip Kumar and his wife Saira Banu called Ab To Banja Sajanwa Hamar and another film where Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan makes her directorial debut called Dil Deewana Tohar Hua.

All three films are ready for release and another film by Bollywood action director Tinnu Verma is in the production stage.

“I do everything right from marketing to publicity of my films. Nothing should go wrong,” he said, adding, in future, he plans to have his own production house.

Commenting on the latest trend where successful Hindi films have been dubbed into Bhojpuri, Ravi said, “This trend will not last. Since the Bhojpuri audience will not accept an outsider. They will identify with a hero who is from their own soil.”

Commenting on the future of Bhojpuri films Ravi said, “It is going to be as huge as Tamil and Telegu cinema. There are 27 crore Bhojpuri speaking people in India alone. And many more in other 54 countries like Mauritius, Fiji and Holland. We have our own website called www.Bhojpuria.Com, where one can get any information on Bhojpuri cinema and the award ceremonies.”

In January, Bhojpuri awards were held at the Goregaon Sports Complex, where Ravi Kishen won the best actor award for Panditji Bateye Byaah Kab Hoi and Nagma won the best actress award for Dulha Milat Dildaar

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Top 5 Filmi Surprises of 2007

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 4, 2008

2007 may well be one of the most unpredictable years for the Indian film industry, Bollywood. Movies that everyone thought would surely be blockbusters didn’t fair so well at box office and movies that had no expectations what-so-ever from them became the reigning names at the box office. BollySpice now brings you our top 5 film surprises. Movies that came to the cinemas, which you saw and which conquered all others at the box-office.

5. Dus Kahanaiyaan

Mulitiple storylines haven’t been a success in a long time. RGV’s Darna Mana Hai and Darna Zaroori Hai didn’t fair too well and failed to impress a large portion of the audience thus something similar was expected of Dus Kahaniyaan. However the movie surprises audiences greatly! Some of the finest short stories were incorporated in this film and audiences saw director Sanjay Gupta in a new light as well as Meghna Gulzar. Both directors delivered some of the finest short stories that could well be much better than many whole three hour movies released in 2007. With the exemption of two or three stories, Dus Kahaniyaan was a highly enlightening experience that gave audiences something deep and meaningful to watch. A complete delightful surprise!

4. Namastey London

When the promotion of Vipul Shah’s Namastey London began audiences just saw it as another happy-go-lucky comedy starring Akshay Kumar however upon release audiences were stunned by the deep content and high meaning of the film. Not only did the movie explore the mindset of second generation migrants but also the patriotism that lies somewhere in every Indian. Katrina Kaif came into the light as an actress who was above the normal mediocre feminine roles. The actresses surprised all with a completely natural performance. What seemed to be another comedy that would make you giggle till your belly ached turned out to be so much more and taught young and old valuable lessons of life! Kudos to Vipul Shah for delivering this pleasant surprise!

3. Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar

Robbie Grewal’s Samay went unnoticed at the box office due to its non-commercial appeal however Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar certainly made one hell of a debut. If you still haven’t gotten around to seeing this movie you’re missing out. Critics raved about it. Audiences adored the storyline and the title track became a youth anthem. Ruslaan Mumtaz came into the limelight as the new comparison to Shahid Kapoor and Hazel finally got recognition above her television advertisements and music videos. And who would have thought all this would have been achieved from such a simple and pleasant movie. The success of MP3 simply shows that audiences await such surprises once in a while when they’re not overloaded with movies of complicated and challenging themes and subjects! A much needed pleasant surprise by Robbie Grewal.

2. Johnny Gadaar

Ek Hasina Thi may have been a revelation of Saif’s versatility however the movie didn’t receive too many compliments for its actual storyline. Director Sriram Raghavan finally got all that he missed with Johnny Gadaar. Once again we find a no-name cast and a very “hatke” storyline on this list. Johnny Gadaar was a pleasant surprise and a refreshing release. The story was fresh and the screenplay was beautifully penned. Newcomer Neil Nitin Mukesh made a flawless debut and not only got into the limelight with the critics but also with the ladies! Such unconventional title, movie and cast weren’t expected to create such an intelligent movie. Johnny Gadaar is without a doubt one of the most pleasant surprises of the year.

1. Jab We Met

It’s a surprise in itself that one of the best movies of this year was not expected to be so outstanding by many. Those who didn’t witness the magic of Imtiaz Ali’s story telling in Socha Na Tha were utterly surprised when a movie that was expected to be just another love story turned out to be one of the best of its time! Jab We Met was the perfect opportunity for Kareena Kapoor to remind us all that she is indeed amongst the finest actresses of Indian Cinema and it was also the perfect opportunity for Shahid Kapoor to prove that he can be much more than just a college-love-boy. In today’s era when movies only work when they tackle a challenging subject it is an utter surprise to meet a maker who dares to do something simple in a grand way! No one thought that such a normal storyline could be displayed in such a magical way . When looking back no one will ever guess that such a masterpiece was not expected to be one!

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Commentary: Is war against Amitabh Bachchan starting to take the congress down?

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 3, 2008

The Congress party will not like to admit it. However something is happening to the party of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohandas Gandhi.

The party of Uttar Pradesh’s Jawaharlal Nehru and Gujrat’s Mahatma Gandhi is repeatedly getting run out of Uttar Pradesh and Gujrat. And badly so. That is particularly embarassing since congress leadership walks around with the name ‘Gandhi’. Their claim to Gandhi name and righteousness came due to Gujrat and Gujrat itself has asked Sonia and crew to take a hike.

In fact, when one looks around the Indian mainland core: Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarkhand, Himachal, Jharkhand, Gujrat, and Karnataka all have congress trailing Narendra Modi’s BJP now. That would have been unimaginable sometime back. But it is their reality now. Congress-UPA have lost most of the elections they tried contesting in over the past several months. In the last Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh elections, it tried to test its pull with ‘Chak De Congress’ as its rallying cry, referring to the movie propping up Shahrukh Khan, almost universally hailed in the media and believed by some to be new congress mascot. The result however was that Congress got wiped out from both; blown away in Gujrat as well as thrown out of Himachal.

There have been many reasons given as to why congress is faring so poorly all of a sudden: quotas, treaties, price control, anti-incumbency etc. All may be legitimate but one big one may indeed have to do with Bombay. When it comes time for real power, it is not Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, or Salman Khan who congress needed, it was Amitabh Bachchan.

Instead, foolishly, congress has been trying to undermine Amitabh Bachchan over the last 2-3 years and more importantly, may have gone through an ideological shift. That’s starting to prove costly now. Its ideology and its decision to go to war against Amitabh is a 1-2 punch that’s starting to cost the congress across India and could eventually even bring its government to its knees.


Congress’s mistake is that in trying to manipulate the muslim votes, it has forgotten that the dominant pillar that allowed it to exist in the first place, is the secular Hindu. More than just a Friday to Friday film star, Amitabh Bachchan is viewed as a pan-India icon of secular Hindus around the country. He is perhaps only man in the country (apart from the temporary cricketer who may be hot or cold) who bridges the north-south, east-west, rural-urban, new and old India divide. He can resonate with the activists of Bengal, with the coalmine workers of Jharkhand as well as stand up with the westerners with Cambridge degrees. And much as the congress and its minions in the media make light of the temple visits to Tirupati for example, it connects with the people of India implicitly. They can sense that Bachchans represent Hindustan core a lot more closely than some artificial clan who may have merely stolen the Gandhi name from the Gujrati Mohandas Gandhi but don’t really have anything to do with him, his satyagrah, nor stand for any of his real values (he died uttering ‘Hey Ram’ for example, and they filed an affadavit against Ram); that they are instead trying to drive a pseudo-secular agenda upon India.

So the Congress’s problem is that too many Hindus (previously secular ones included) are starting to see it not as secular but as the Islamist party of India with media including NDTV, Hindustan Times, Mid-Day and much of Bollywood essentially doing its bidding against Modi and the BJP. In fact leading upto the elections, far from being impartial, these channels and newspapers seemed to be practically leading the drumrolls against BJP, making the Hindus suspicious and ultimately more punitive. The media and Bollywood filmmakers and actors in particular have been lucky so far that apart from the odd Shiv Sena rallies, they and their anti-Hindutva platform really haven’t been taken to task or come in the line of fire the way they could in more blatant ways.

The center-right Hindus already had been suspicious of Congress-UPA. Modi and crew have always claimed that Congress-UPA stands for anti-Hindutva in the guise of secularism. Thus by filing affadavits on Lord Ram earlier this year, they only confirmed what Modi was saying all along, and increased the resolve and the intensity of the antipathy against the UPA. Then by repeatedly targetting the Bachchans, symbolic of the secular Hindus, they may have turned this into their waterloo. All the IT notices, all the threats, all the fake land cases on Amitabh Bachchan (including random packets sent for now Aishwarya Bachchan) don’t go unnoticed. The public sooner or later caught on to what was going on and once they started to, it started energizing the force of Hindutva, and congress started losing even the secular, liberal Hindus in significant numbers. And that may have been in part its undoing.
In many ways congress is lucky that Bachchan is not with BJP and the party that’s latching onto him has been Amar Singh’s leftist Samajwadi Party, which is insignificant outside Uttar Pradesh. BJP is not in power in the key state of UP as it does not have a clear, charismatic face to rally the Hindus behind its industrial, nationalized Hindutva platform there. But had Amitabh Bachchan entered the fray and become the face of BJP; considering that he hails from the symbolic land of Ayodhya itself, the rivals would have been in much bigger trouble than they already are. As it is, BJP seems capable of routing the congress even without him.

But the bottom line is that Congress party, already in the bullseye of the center-right, and which depends so much on secular Hindus, could not go against Amitabh Bachchan without paying the price. And it is starting to see that now.

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2008 will be the year of animation

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 2, 2008

Bollywood is known to follow trends. However original the filmmakers claim to be or deny of following the bandwagon, the success story of one film does click a trend of sorts. In 2006, it was the sequel that took over filmmaker’s frenzy. There were Krrish, Lagey Raho Munnabhaiand Dhoom 2 galore. 2007 saw as many remakes being made fromSholay to Victoria No 203.So what trend will 2008 follow? What is it that we will get to see in succession in the year 2008? It’s the animation genre that will rule Bollywood in a big way. What till a couple of years back was an alien idea to Bollywood, is the most followed genre today. Earlier there were experiments on animation with portions of the film following the format.Hum Tum, Ta Ra Rum Pum and Cash being some striking examples. With the success of Hanuman in 2005, full-fledged movies on animation were planned. So we had movies like Krishna, Bal Ganesh, My Friend Ganesha, Bal Hanuman and Return of Hanuman.While mythology seemed to be a favourite territory for animation films in 2007, the coming year will see a wide range of possibilities with movies being made on animals, superheroes and already made films.Indiatimes Movies articulates those animation films.

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Indian actor Hrithik Roshan picks movies that scare him into performing well

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 2, 2008

MUMBAI, India: Bollywood movie star Hrithik Roshan says he deliberately chooses difficult roles such as the Mongol emperor in the new historical romance “Jodha Akbar” because they challenge him to excel as an actor.”Jodha Akbar,” scheduled to debut later this month, is based on a 16th century romance between the emperor and Hindu princess Jodha Bai, played by Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai.”I really want to do films that scare me so much that I won’t be able to afford it if they don’t fare well,” Roshan said in an interview in the latest issue of Cine Blitz magazine on Wednesday.”It is only when it seems to threaten the value of my job would I be consciously giving it my best,” he said.But Roshan said what he loathed most playing Akbar was wearing a lot of heavy jewelry and armor. He said it was awkward to wear earrings and chunky necklaces that were needed to reflect the royalty of the 16th century. “How will you fight when you cannot even stand up? What if you fall with all that weight on you?” he asked.Roshan has enjoyed several blockbuster successes. Over the past two years he has played a superhero who glides over water in “Krrish,” and a smooth-talking thief in “Dhoom 2.” 

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Nominees for 14th Annual Screen Awards

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 2, 2008

Best Film

Chak De! India
Life in A… Metro
Om Shanti Om
Taare Zameen Par


Best Director
Aamir Khan – Taare Zameen Par
Anurag Basu – Life in A… Metro
Farah Khan – Om Shanti Om
Mani Ratnam – Guru
Shimit Amin – Chak De! India


Best Actor (Male)
Abhishek Bachchan – Guru
Akshaye Khanna – Gandhi My Father
Amitabh Bachchan – Cheeni Kum
Shah Rukh Khan – Chak De! India
Shahid Kapoor – Jab We Met


Best Actor (Female)
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Guru
Kareena Kapoor – Jab We Met
Tabu – Cheeni Kum


Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male)
Aamir Khan – Taare Zameen Par
Darshan Jariwala – Gandhi My Father
Mithun Chakraborty – Guru
Sharman Joshi – Life in A… Metro
Vipin Sharma – Taare Zameen Par


Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female)
Chak De! Girls – Chak De! India
Tisca Chopra – Taare Zameen Par
Konkana Sen Sharma – Life in A… Metro
Shefali Shah – Gandhi My Father


Best Actor in a Negative Role (Male/ Female)
Arjun Rampal – Om Shanti Om
Pankaj Kapur – The Blue Umbrella
Pawan Malhotra – Black Friday
Viviek Oberoi – Shoot Out At – Lokhandwala


Best Actor in a Comic Role (Male/ Female)
Anil Kapoor – Welcome
Govinda – Partner
Irrfan Khan – Life in A… Metro
Nana Patekar – Welcome
Vinay Pathak – Bheja Fry


Best Playback Singer (Male)
KK – Aankhon Mein Teri – Om Shanti Om
Shaan – Jab Se Tere Naina – Saawariya
Shankar Mahadevan – Maa – Taare Zameen Par
Shankar Mahadevan – Title Song – Taare Zameen Par
Soham – Inn Dino – Life in A… Metro


Best Playback Singer (Female)
Chinmaye – Tere Bina – Guru
Shreya Ghoshal – Barso Re Megha – Guru
Shreya Ghoshal – Yeh Ishq Haaye – Jab We Met
Sunidhi Chauhan – Sajnaji Vaari – Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd


Best Lyrics
Gulzar – Bol Na Halke – Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
Prasoon Joshi – Maa – Taare Zameen Par
Sameer – Jab Se Tere Naina – Saawariya
Sayeed Quadri – Inn Dinon – Life in A… Metro


Best Story
Amole Gupte – Taare Zameen Par
Anurag Basu – Life in A… Metro
Feroz Abbas Khan – Gandhi My Father
Imtiaz Ali – Jab We Met
Jaideep Sahni – Chak De! India


Best Screenplay
Amole Gupte – Taare Zameen Par
Anurag Basu – Life in A… Metro
Anurag Kashyap – Black Friday
Imtiaz Ali – Jab We Met
Jaideep Sahni – Chak De! India


Best Background Music
A R Rahman – Guru
Raju Singh – Life in A… Metro
Salim-Sulaiman – Chak De! India
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy – Taare Zameen Par
Vishal-Shekhar – Om Shanti Om


Best Music
A R Rahman – Guru
Monty Sharma – Saawariya
Pritam – Life in A… Metro
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy – Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy – Taare Zameen Par


Best Dialogue
Amole Gupte – Taare Zameen Par
Imtiaz Ali – Jab We Met
Jaideep Sahni – Chak De! India
Sanjeev Dutta – Life in A… Metro
Vijay Krishna Acharya – Guru


Best Editing
Aarti Bajaj Kashyap – Black Friday
Akiv Ali – Life in A… Metro
Amitabh Shukla – Chak De! India
Bunty Nagi – Shoot Out At Lokhandwala
Pooja Ladha Surti – Johnny Gaddaar


Best Sound
Baylon Fonseca – Shoot Out At Lokhandwala
Bishwadeep Chatterjee – Eklavya The Royal Guard
H. Sridhar – Guru
Hari Dwarak & Madhu Apsara – Johnny Gaddaar
Hitendra Ghosh – Life in A… Metro
Manas Chaudhary & Ali Merchant – Chak De! India


Best Cinematography
Bobby Singh – Life in A… Metro
N. Nataraj Subramaniam – Eklavya The Royal Guard
Rajiv Menon – Guru
Ravi Chandran – Saawariya
Sudeep Chatterjee – Chak De! India


Best Special Effects
Red Chillies VFX – Chak De! India
Red Chillies VFX – Om Shanti Om
Tata Elxsi – Taare Zameen Par


Best Art Direction
Gautam Sen – Khoya Khoya Chand
Nitin Chandrakant Desai – Gandhi My Father
Omung Kumar – Saawariya
Sabu Cyril – Guru
Sabu Cyril – Om Shanti Om


Best Choreography
Farah Khan – Dhoom Tana – Om Shanti Om
Ganesh Hegde & Pappu-Mallu – Yun Shabnami – Saawariya
Saroj Khan – Barso Re Megha – Guru
Vaibhavi Merchant – Aaja Nachle – Aaja Nachle
Vaibhavi Merchant – Title Song – Jhoom Barabar Jhoom


Best Action
Abbas Ali – Awarapan
Anthony Stone – Cash
Javed Ejaz – Shoot Out At Lokhandwala
Tinu Verma – Apne


Most Promising Newcomer (Male)
Ranbir Kapoor – Saawariya
Neil Nitin Mukesh – Johnny Gaddaar


Most Promising Newcomer (Female)
Deepika Padukone – Om Shanti Om
Sonam Kapoor – Saawariya


Most Promising Debut Director
Aamir Khan – Taare Zameen Par
R Balakrishna – Cheeni Kum
Feroz Abbas Khan – Gandhi My Father
Reema Kagti – Honeymoon Travels
Sajid Khan – Heyy Babyy


Best Child Artiste
Ali Haji – Ta Ra Rum Pum
Angelina – Ta Ra Rum Pum
Darsheel Safary – Taare Zameen Par
Dhruv Piyush Panjuani – Apna Aasmaan
Shreya Sharma – Blue Umbrella


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Taare Zameen Par -Not a review

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 2, 2008

Let me clear in advance that I am not a critic or an expert to talk about the technicalities of movie making. Hence this is not a review but just my views about the movie.

Dispite the controvorsies revolving his personal life lately, he has managed to promote the movie just on the basis of the movie itself. Unlike other movie stars, I had seen very few hungama for TZP promotions. The caption of the movie is” Every child is special”, am not sure if all are but yes Ishaan Avasti who is played by Darsheel Safary sure is and so is Amir Khan as a debutant director.

The movie is well executed and has the right ingrediants necessary at the right place. Nothing overdone; no excess shots squeezed in to show the struggles of kid with his diability. Infact Ishaan is by far the character who is happier than the other charaters, playing his pranks and living in his la la land of dancing letters and jumping cartoon images. Aamir has been able to show to the audience the vulnerability of kids and that every kid has a pace of their own. In this competivitve age somewhere down the lane todays parents have forgotten that and are in a constant race to see how far better, smarter and fast learner are their kids in comaprison to their peers. TZP has made us take a step back to understand the each kid has to be handelled uniquly. And like the old saying spare the rod and spoil the child funda doesn’t work for every other kid. This movie makes us realise that if your kid is a slow starter that dosnt mean that they are stupid or dumb. Just that they have to be taught in a different way.

As for the music let me quote Joginder Tuteja from

“Aamir Khan, Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy and Prasoon Joshi make a zero compromise album which stays honest to the film’s theme and bring in as much variety as one possibly can in the music for a film belonging to a genre different from regular romance, action or drama. Taare Zameen Par boasts of a soundtrack that stays true to the film’s spirit and promises to thoroughly involve a viewer while the music is on in theater.”


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