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Salmaan khan to be in his father Salim’s shoes

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 5, 2008

We all know Salmaan khan is best Hindi movie star, now he wants to be like his father Salim who had been with Hindi movies through out his life. Salim is a well known figure who had contributed big time to the Indian Cinema. He is known for his classical scripts in Hindi movies. Salim had contributed Indian cinema’s script like Sholay, Don and many more.


 Well this is the first time that the Salmaan wants to be like his father. We all had seen him from his childhood to teenage acting in Hindi movies. He never-ever showed any interest in his father’s job. However truth is somewhat different then what we had thought it would be. Hindi movies wish him best of luck

 Hmm Salmaan wants to be script writer for Hindi movies as just his passion. However there is one difference that he also will be acting in the movie. The first movie script for him is Veer. He will acting in Veer. So let’s see whether Hindi movies script writer will start up or only the best actor of Indian cinema will prevail.


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