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2008 will be the year of animation

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 2, 2008

Bollywood is known to follow trends. However original the filmmakers claim to be or deny of following the bandwagon, the success story of one film does click a trend of sorts. In 2006, it was the sequel that took over filmmaker’s frenzy. There were Krrish, Lagey Raho Munnabhaiand Dhoom 2 galore. 2007 saw as many remakes being made fromSholay to Victoria No 203.So what trend will 2008 follow? What is it that we will get to see in succession in the year 2008? It’s the animation genre that will rule Bollywood in a big way. What till a couple of years back was an alien idea to Bollywood, is the most followed genre today. Earlier there were experiments on animation with portions of the film following the format.Hum Tum, Ta Ra Rum Pum and Cash being some striking examples. With the success of Hanuman in 2005, full-fledged movies on animation were planned. So we had movies like Krishna, Bal Ganesh, My Friend Ganesha, Bal Hanuman and Return of Hanuman.While mythology seemed to be a favourite territory for animation films in 2007, the coming year will see a wide range of possibilities with movies being made on animals, superheroes and already made films.Indiatimes Movies articulates those animation films.


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