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Stars In Goa For New Year

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 1, 2008

After a year of hard work its time for our stars to relax and enjoy the New Year and where better to kick start the year then Goa?

Before leaving for Goa on Sunday Karan Johar told us why Goa was a favourite destination; “I’m heading to Goa as most of my close friends are going to be there. Shahrukh and his family are already there. Actually, most places seem to be fun when you have friends with you. I definitely like the energy of the place and you can do your own thing.”

Shahrukh is said to be more of a homely person and likes to spend his holiday indoors, spending time with friends over board games and food. A close source claims that “Shahrukh has board games for all occasions. He has packed a few for our stay at Goa.”

Also holidaying in Goa are the likes of Arjun Rampal, Pooja Bedi and Ekta Kapoor.

Happy Holidaying!


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