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Bipasha Basu to make debut in Bengali cinema

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on January 1, 2008

Kolkata, Dec 27: After making it big in Bollywood, the Bengal beauty Bipasha Basu has found a place in Tollywood in West Bengal.

Bipasha’s maiden movie will be directed by much sought after director Rituporna Gosh.

Titled ‘Saab Choritro Kalpanik’ (All characters fictitious) will feature Bengali matinee idol Prasanjit Chatterjee, who is a tad shorter than Bipasha.

Giving a media briefing about the movie here recently, Gosh said Bengal’s cultural heritage plays a key role in the film.

“It is a film about Bengali culture. I think that would be more broad and general description, where all Tagore, Jeevan Anand, Joy and the entire Bengal cultural heritage plays a key role,” said Gosh.

Instead of using songs, Rituparno has been experimenting with poetry. It is said that as many as 20 poems are used in the movie. Eminent poet Jay Goswami has written most of the poems being used in the movie.

Immensely successful both as an item number girl and an actress, Bipasha has been conspicuous by her absence from Bengali celluloid.

In ‘Saab Choritro Kalpanik’, Bipasha is playing the role of Pransejit’s wife. The hero is a poet and poetry plays a big part in the film. The story is about a Bengali girl living outside the state returning home to her roots.

“I know the level of intensity that was required out of this particular girl. Because firstly she is much more mature than me and in terms of age she is much older than me. So to understand that relationship with a man and to understand the relationship with the lost roots, there is lot of imagination of this girl that goes into the film,” said Bipasha.

The deal for the movie was done quite some time ago but given Rituporna’s manner of working he kept Bipasha’s maiden Bengali film venture under wraps till recently.

Apart from ‘Saab Choritro Kalpanik’, Bipasha will be playing a role in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s ‘Ashoka’ in Bollywood. The film will be based on the life of the great ancient Indian King Ashoka. She will also playing a part in Sir Ben Kingsley’s film, Taj Mahal.

Bipasha first film was ‘Ajnabi’ directed by Abbas Mastan. After that she established herself in Bollywood and came out with flying colours.

She never looked back after ‘Ajnabi’. Other movies like ‘Raaz’, ‘Jism’, andNo Entry’, to name a few followed with relative ease.

Her acting talent was on show in ‘Corporate’ directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, where she played the role of rising corporate executive. Her acting put her firmly in place.


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