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Rakhi Sawant frustrated with Star Channel

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on December 30, 2007

Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh are the two winners of Nach Baliye 3. Salmaan Khan announced the winners. But it seems Rakhi Sawant is not happy with the results, rather she could not face the situation and imagine?? She didn’t even collect her runner’s up prize! She was very much upset.
But I feel how is it so that she always comes in controversy??? She says that they were cheated and all these things were alrady fixed. What an over acting this girl does!!!! She also says that she knew about this earlier, then why did she continued without any argument??? When the results were declared, then only she started doing this nautanki.
Seriously!!! She is a great nautankibaaz!!! She does all these things so that she gets more fame and name. But she doesn’t know that she ruining her career by doing such silly things.
Anyways, all the reality shows are fake and their results, scripts, statements are already decided. Rakhi being a part of Bollywood she is supposed to know all these things. If this case was for some common man who is not aware of all these rubbish things regarding the reality shows then it is OK. But for Rakhi this is a very very common thing. Then also she took part in that and now what is the use of telling al this foolish things to media??
Media is also for some intention but they will also waste their time doing this nonsense kind of things by taking Rakhi Sawant’s interviews and trying to get sympathy from people for Rakhi Sawant.


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