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Will Aamir Khan be ‘Over the Moon’..When his ‘Taare’ hits the ‘Zameen’..?

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on December 19, 2007

tare zameen par movie monarch salman akhter

So when the ‘Taare’ hits the ‘Zameen’ on Friday the 21st, Aamir Khan would be ‘over the moon’ because the outstanding feedback his movie is gaining before its release will definitely put his movie to stand strong in a dire competition with the ‘Welcome’s talent brigade.

Hold your horses, its time to watch Aamir, the Ace Khan, who may have been called fondly as ‘Kachhua’(tortoise)Khan by his favourite Producers, because he listens, thinks, convinces himself & take plenty of time to follow his intuitions, but now, he is all ready to prove and win the race as in the age old maxim of Rabbit and the Tortoise.

When Aamir Khan Productions launched TZP, everyone within the film industry assumed Aamir is somewhat looking forward to make a docu-drama kind of children movie, so nobody took keen interest on it, Amol Gupte was the Writer-Director of the movie, it was later amicably decided that Aamir Khan will call the shot as Director for the betterment of the project.

As I wrote in my earlier article about Aamir Khan’s courage to always swim against the tidal waves like his earlier home production ‘Lagaan’.I again would like to analyze his working style after ‘Fanaa’, where any other Star would have chosen to go for bigger than ‘Fanaa’ project, he selected TZP.

Movie Monarch Aamir Khan Salman Akhter

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