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Colin Farrell: Reason to Work Now

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on December 19, 2007

rish actor Colin Farrell finally understands his career. He tells me he has a reason to go to work now. He gets it.

This is a far cry from the Farrell who burst onto the scene in Joel Schumacher’s 2000 feature, “Tigerland.” Overnight, Farrell became a hard-drinking, partying, womanizing, walking tabloid headline.

Last year he had to skip being in Todd Haynes’ “I’m Not There” to go to rehab. Heath Ledger took the role. Now, Farrell is about to open in three movies including Woody Allen’s “Cassandra’s Dream” in January.

Tuesday night at the Woody premiere, Farrell was drinking water and being sober, although still witty and with it as he reflected on his situation.

“I’ve been off for eight months. I’m ready to go back to work,” he told me. Along with “Cassandra,” he also has Gavin O’Connor’s “Pride and Glory” ready for release this winter. On Jan. 17, he’ll bring Martin McDonagh’s “In Bruges” to Sundance as the opening-night film. But all these were made before his life got out of hand.

What was it like, I wondered, when he first tasted fame?

“It was like this,” he said, and waved a hand up close in my face. “I couldn’t see anything. Yeah. It was wild.” And it stayed that way.

But he’s 31 now, and even though he’s never going to be tamed, Farrell seems to understand that the party is at least a little bit over. (We wouldn’t want him to be sitting at home, knitting, however.)

“I finally have a reason for all this,” he told me. “I get what it is.”

And so it seems. At Tuesday night’s “Cassandra” premiere, he was hugged by Joe Pantoliano and congratulated by Allen, writer Doug McGrath, director Julian Schnabel, Rosie Perez, Tom “Ed” Cavanagh, musicians Moby, Deborah Harry and Maxwell, among others. Women flocked around Farrell like geese who’d just found a loaf of Wonder Bread. But he came and went from the after-party at the Soho Grand with little fanfare — at least for now.

No Globes, No Oscars: Expect Picket Lines


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