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Future should be ‘Preity’ for Shiney!

Posted by jahanzaibmemon on December 15, 2007

If Shiney’s current image of a ‘starry’ celebrity wasn’t enough, reports about him passing derogatory comments in a magazine interview about his Gangster co-star Kangana Ranaut, made headlines! We have no doubt about Shiney’s acting ability and we totally admire the good-looking man for making a mark in Bollywood inspite of not having any filmy background! However, we cannot help but notice how the man is being discussed everywhere for reasons other than his onscreen stupendous performances! Just a few days back, in an interview with Indiatimes Movies , Shiney had clarified an allegation of him being high-handed by saying, “I can’t understand why my name is being dragged into every controversy in town. Just because I don’t react, people take it for granted. And, some section of the media adds spice to their stories without checking them with me. They think since Shiney doesn’t have any backing and neither does he have any film background, so keep writing about it and no one will object to it.” However, as they say in the entertainment business, ‘There is no smoke without fire’ and that precisely seems to be the case with Shiney. A crew member of Jahnu Barua’s forthcoming film Har Pal told us, “Shiney threw loads of attitude on the sets of Har Pal . He would often complain that he had no time and acted as if he is the busiest Bollywood star. He would often snap at us, if and when we would request him to do an activity which was film related! For instance, he would crib and grumble even if we would ask him to pose for the movie stills, etc. His co-star Preity Zinta is a much bigger star but she was at her friendliest best! May be Shiney should have learnt something from Preity at least”, complained our source. “Preity Zinta on the contrary was humble and extremely sweet in spite of the fact that she is one of the best actresses we have. She’d talk to all of us and make everyone around her comfortable” he further added. Preity has always been inspiring but we wonder what Shiney has to say on this!


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